Persil: First Day of School

What’s the most important day for mothers everywhere?


We created one of the most effective, most loved digital campaigns ever measured by one of the world’s largest advertisers.

We worked with Persil to announce their partnership with UNICEF to help ten million children receive a quality education in 2015.

We showcased two mothers' perspectives about their hopes for their children and why education is important for their future.

We filmed them as they were taking their children to school for the first time.


By capturing their first day of school, we offered a moment of reflection for all mums, as well as highlighting the significance of education for all children.


"Through the First Day of School idea, Animl have found an incredibly insightful and moving way to connect our social mission with mums around the world."

James Hayhurst, Global Brand Director, Unilever

"The Persil First Day of School film is a fantastic example of how we can raise awareness of our partnership, and the important issue of access to a quality education for children in a sensitive and powerful way."

Jo Zeevi-Green, Corporate Relations Manager, UNICEF